Products & Services

Business incubation is considered to be one of the most dynamic and successful measures for supporting early-stage commercial enterprises. It plays a vital significance to support and sustain not only the small and medium-sized enterprise sector but also the economy. SMTDC is a township based advance manufacturing business incubation center operating from a 2500sqm facility in Soshanguve. SMTDC offer both in-house and virtual incubation services to support local innovators and businesses. The in-house incubation program is designed to identify entrepreneurs that can become gazelles (high performing, high growth, employment creating businesses), but that need close support. The virtual incubation/acceleration program caters for those individuals who do not qualify for the in-house incubation program, or for individuals who do not require in-house incubation services. In other words it is aimed at enterprises/individuals who have some business or entrepreneurial experience and background.

SMTDC offers a range of products and services that support innovators and encourage innovative thinking and problem solving. Incubation products and services includes, but not limited to:

The SMTDC Fab Lab is a platform that was created to help aspiring entrepreneurs to think creatively and come up with practical innovative solutions to everyday challenges or problems. The platform assists participants to crystalize their ideas from concept sketching to technical drawing, through the use of design software like CAD, and eventually producing a product prototype. Our ultimate objective is to transfer skills of product development and design to the clients, in order for them to work efficiently on their projects with less money spent on outsourcing the skills required for example 3D drawings and prototyping.